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Practice Areas

My firm speializies in small businesses and the people who operate them. We also offer services to the growing number of self-employed and freelance professionals overlooked by other accounting firms.



  • Personal Income Tax Preparation My firm prepares personal income tax returns with the client as the first consideration. Always remembering that the clients’ tax return is a personal tax return, each return is personally prepared and reviewed by me. Using sound professional judgment, any issues which are unclear are researched to find the law, regulation or ruling most favorable to my clients’ position. I prepare resident and nonresident personal tax returns for all states.

  • Personal Tax Planning The best way to maximize the benefits of any tax strategies is through careful tax planning. Working with my clients’ financial planners, I help develop strategies which help clients meet investment and wealth preservation goals with a minimum of tax liability.

  • Personal Tax Management Many accountants seem to believe that once their clients’ tax returns are completed, their work is done, only to find out when the clients return the following tax season that they missed a payment or filing deadline. Every client who opts for my unique Personal Tax Management service will be kept aware of payment due dates and filing deadlines. Penalties and missed tax benefits can become a thing of the past!



  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Systems Following the “Keep It Simple” philosophy which has guided my classroom teaching, I can set up a bookkeeping system designed for small business operators of any level of accounting sophistication. Every system designed for my clients is created to keep “accountant intervention” to a minimum, reducing the amount of time necessary to prepare the clients’ personal income tax returns.

  • Bookkeeping Services For the same cost as an experienced, “full charge” bookkeeper, I offer basic bookkeeping services, such as recording income and expenses, balancing the checkbook, billing customers or clients and preparing payment to vendors and suppliers.

  • Accounting Services Small business operators want their accounting done because the information is necessary to prepare their personal income tax returns. My accounting services are designed to report the results of a small business’ operations that make preparing the small business operator’s personal tax returns easier and quicker. I also offer tax return preparation services and “controller” services, allowing small business operators to relieve themselves of the chore of handling the company’s accounting.



  • Record-Keeping Systems Again applying the “Keep It Simple” approach, I can create a system designed to allow busy freelancers and self-employed professionals to keep records with little or no effort. Clients can also opt for a monthly “write-up” service, relieving them of the bookkeeping burden.

  • Tax Consulting Freelancers and self-employed professionals have unique tax issues which sometimes don’t always come to their attention before there is a problem. My consulting services provide freelancers and self-employed professionals with researched answers to tax issues they face, with a proactive approach. For a minimal cost my clients receive information about changes in tax law and regulations which may affect them.

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